top 3 tips for choosing a home business opportunity

Posted June 12th, 2012 in home business opportunity, yournetbiz by admin

You’ve seen the ads everywhere online right? They seem to pop up everywhere, on every website, blog or video home business tipssite. How to make money online, home business opportunity etc. The truth is you can make a great living online, whether from affiliate marketing with amazon, Clickbank, commission junction and more.

There’s so much opportunity to make a living on the internet. Today I’m gonna share my top 3 tips for choosing the right home business opportunity.

Tip 1: Research

When you’re looking for a company or product to promote, it’s crucial that you research thoroughly before committing to anything. Companies come and go, especially in the home biz market. MLM companies are one of the best examples that disappear regularly. Get as much info from current members, previous members and anyone associated with the company.

Tip 2:

The products

Whichever company you decide to work with, they must have high in demand, valuable products. Selling valuable in demand products are what keeps your home business venture afloat. Ask for examples of the product range. Selling on the internet is relatively easy if you have a product that people actually want to buy. All it takes is you to put that product in front of them.

Tip 3:

Don’t sell the opportunity

This is the biggest mistake I’ve seen and continue to see on a daily basis. Most business opportunities online have a back office filled with digital products that have private resell rights etc. These include eBooks, video, audio, and graphics products. However the biggest money maker is reselling the opportunity. In my opinion this does’t work. You see all you’re selling is the opportunity to sell. And how many other people involved with the company do you think are dong the same thing? This is why so many fail with businesses like yournetbiz. They focus all their time and effort trying to sign people up (direct marketing) and forget about the training and products they’ve bought. If the company has in demand valuable products, and the right training material to learn how to market, then you have more than most people to start an online business. But if all you’re trying to sell is the business opportunity, along with hundreds of others, you’re in for a hard shock, it’s not that easy.

My advice if you join a program like yournetbiz is to utilise everything in the back office. Start learning how to do keyword research, find in demand products from your back office and supply those products to credit card in hand customers.

And here’s something that will no doubt shock you. The products in the back office of yournetbiz are yours. That’s essentially what your package is made up of. I’ve made more money giving them away for free! How you ask? Simple. Ive built a list of email subscribers who have simply opted in to receive a free eBook (from yournetbiz back office), and in turn i can then market other products to them as an affiliate. That’s just one simple strategy you can use as a yournetbiz member. Easy to implement, find a hungry market,use marketing strategies learned from ynb, supply a valuable product from yournetbiz back office, in exchange for an email address and name, and then you have a customer database to market to forever. True long term profits.

Well i hope you’ve enjoyed this post. As always you can contact me anytime if you need some help with this whole internet marketing/make money online “thing”.

Robert out.