YourNetBiz funded proposal: Mini Suite Profits

Posted December 24th, 2010 in mini suite profits by admin

YourNetBiz announce Mini Suite Profits mini suite profits

Home business leaders yournetbiz announced this week the release of their first funded proposal product: Mini Suite Profits. Mini Suite Profits is a low cost internet marketing course that teaches you how to make money from the popular info product industry. YourNetBiz have been leading the way in the home business arena since it launched  in april 2008 and have since grown from strength to strength.

Formally known as MyInternetBusiness it was re-launched and upgraded in may 2009 with a guarantee of continuous development and improvement from its founders, guaranteeing to always stay ahead of the competition. It has done just that and is continuing to help its members earn extra money from home.

In November 2009 yournetbiz founders rob hannley and dave garven upgraded even further with the release of primo vacations, their private members travel club. Another clear sign that this company means business.

Now with the release of mini suite profits, yournetbiz has proved once again that its dedicated to providing quality products for everyone. No doubt mini suite profits is aimed at being a front end product for yournetbiz members to promote to potential business partners,but as a stand alone product it certainly ticks a lot of boxes.

The info product industry is a huge marketplace and one of the most common starting places for most wannabe internet marketers. Theres no doubt that mini suite profits will be a huge success,after all,myinternetbusiness,yournetbiz,and primo vacations have all done extremely well and continue to grow.